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Arizona SSDI Lawyer

A large number of U.S. workers will become disabled at some point in their lives. People with disabilities are often unable to continue working, and must look elsewhere for a steady source of income. In these cases, Social Security Disability Insurance may offer a solution. Also known as SSDI, this form of assistance can make a big difference in the lives of disabled former workers.

Applicants for SSDI often have to overcome many obstacles in order to get the benefits they deserve. An Arizona SSDI lawyer may be able to help, so contact us today to discuss your case.

About SSDI Payments

SSDI benefits generally take two distinct forms. These are:

  • A one-time, lump sum payment for back-pay
  • Continuing monthly payments

People who have previously contributed to the Social Security system are generally able to recoup their contributions in the form of a lump sum payment. This amount can be quite substantial, depending on how long a person worked before becoming disabled.

In addition to the lump sum payment, SSDI provides monthly paychecks for the duration of a person’s disability. These regular financial installments are intended to compensate for a disabled person’s inability to hold regular employment. Together, these two forms of SSDI benefits can make life a little easier for individuals with disabilities.

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