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Arizona Claims Appeals Attorneys

If you are unable to financially support yourself or your family due to a physical or mental disability, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, it is estimated that nearly 70-80% of disability claims are rejected at the first stages of filing.  By retaining the services of an experienced Social Security lawyer, you may be able to appeal this rejection and receive the support you need.

The Arizona claims appeals lawyers understand how important disability benefits are to you and your family and are prepared to help you with the appeals process.  Contact us to discuss your options with an experienced attorney today.

How We Can Help

A large portion of claims are initially rejected by the review panel.  Although this can be frustrating, Social Security attorneys understand how to effectively navigate the appeals process and make sure that your case is heard.  Some of the ways that an Arizona claims appeal attorney can help include:

  • First Level Appeal
  • Administrative Hearing Appeal
  • Appeals Council Review
  • Federal Court Review

The appeals process can take a considerable amount of time, but is not impossible to obtain the benefits you need.  Patience and capable representation is the key to receiving the Social Security support you need.

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